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Exploring the World of Orion Pax Las Vegas


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In this continuation of our exploration of Orion Pax’s music and career, we will dive deeper into his discography, collaborations, and future plans.


Orion Pax’s discography is a testament to his talent and versatility as a music producer. He has released numerous singles and EPs over the years, each showcasing his unique sound and style.

Some of his most popular tracks include “Lost in Vegas,” “Galactic,” and “Rave On,” which have been widely praised for their high-energy beats and infectious melodies.

In addition to his solo work, Orion Pax Las Vegas has also collaborated with other artists on a number of successful tracks. One notable collaboration is “Electric Dreams,” a collaboration with fellow Las Vegas DJ and producer Ryan Radford.


Orion Pax has worked with a wide range of artists and musicians throughout his career, from up-and-coming local acts to established names in the music industry.

One of his most high-profile collaborations to date was with Grammy-winning DJ and producer Diplo, who enlisted Orion Pax’s talents for his popular Major Lazer project.

Orion Pax has also worked with other well-known artists such as Zeds Dead, Borgore, and Excision, among others. His collaborations with these artists have helped to broaden his audience and solidify his status as a rising star in the music industry.

Future Plans

Despite his already impressive list of accomplishments, Orion Pax shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to work on new music and collaborate with other artists, always pushing the boundaries of his craft and exploring new sounds and styles.

In a recent interview, Orion Pax revealed that he has several exciting projects in the works, including a new EP and a collaboration with a well-known hip-hop artist.

He also expressed his desire to continue performing and touring, bringing his electrifying live shows to new audiences around the world.

Orion Pax is a popular DJ and music producer based in Las Vegas. He has made a name for himself in the city’s vibrant music scene with his unique sound and electrifying performances.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Orion Pax’s music and career, as well as his impact on the Las Vegas music scene.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Orion Pax, whose real name is James Turner, was born and raised in Las Vegas. He developed a love for music at a young age, inspired by the city’s vibrant nightlife and entertainment industry.

After honing his skills as a DJ and music producer, Orion Pax began performing at local venues and clubs, gradually building a following among music lovers in the city.

As his popularity grew, Orion Pax began to attract the attention of music industry insiders, leading to collaborations with other artists and opportunities to perform at larger events and festivals.

Music Style and Influences

Orion Pax’s music style is a unique blend of electronic dance music (EDM), house music, and techno. He is known for his high-energy beats, catchy melodies, and creative use of samples and effects.

His music is heavily influenced by the sounds of his hometown, as well as by other EDM and house music artists such as Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and Swedish House Mafia.

Orion Pax is also known for his innovative use of technology in his music production and performances. He often incorporates live instruments and visual effects into his shows, creating a truly immersive experience for his fans.

Impact on the Las Vegas Music Scene

Orion Pax has had a significant impact on the Las Vegas music scene, helping to establish the city as a hub for EDM and house music.

His electrifying performances and innovative use of technology have helped to elevate the standard for live music in the city, inspiring other artists and performers to push the boundaries of their craft.

Orion Pax’s contributions to the Las Vegas music scene have also helped to attract a diverse range of music fans to the city, from EDM enthusiasts to fans of other genres.


Orion Pax is a talented DJ and music producer who has made a significant impact on the Las Vegas music scene. His unique sound and electrifying performances have helped to establish him as one of the city’s most exciting and innovative artists.

Whether you are a fan of EDM, house music, or just great music in general, Orion Pax is definitely worth checking out. So the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, be sure to catch one of his shows and experience the magic for yourself.


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